How We Work

Our Values

Values which we uphold in all our endeavours


  • Positive AttitudeKeep a positive attitude in all the initiatives and activities.
  • Sharp FocusSharp focus on accomplishment
  • Continuous Learning – Be curious about all aspects and keep learning
  • Give back to society – Make the world a better place. Give back to the needy. Three focus areas for us to make positive impact
    • Give Hope
    • Give Food
    • Give Education

Leadership Principles

Leadership Principles for all leaders at Yasham Software


01. Customer Obsession

We are obsessed for customer delight. We exist for Customer Innovation, Growth and Transformation.

02. Ownership

We walk an extra mile to ensure that we take ownership of the tasks and help our customer.

03. High Standard

Drive the team to deliver high-quality product, services & processes. Relentless race to high performance.

04. Develop the best talent

Develop exceptional & strong talents by motivate, equip and empowerment.

05. Curious & Continuous Learning

Be curious about all aspects and learn continuously

06. Innovate & Simplify

Continuously innovate by harnessing the latest technology and best practices. Make the life of our customer by simplifying continuously.

07. Trust

Trust with everyone. We establish trust with our customers, employees & stakeholders. Honesty and integrity are our guiding principles.

08. Think Big

Always looking to scale 100x. We are a country of billion and can’t afford to think small.

09. Commit

Take time to decide but once the decision is made, commit completely.

10. Action Oriented

Life is agility and action. We are action-oriented!!!

11. Deliver Results

Deliver business results & create momentum.

Key Differentiators

We develop digital solutions to your growing small and medium-size businesses.


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Positive Impact Solutions

We have crafted meaningful and fully functional solutions keeping in mind growing business

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Consultative Approach

 We partner with our customer to formulate and build efficient business solutions by adapting proven consultative approach.

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Customer Obsession

We are obsessed for customer delight. We exist for Customer Innovation, Growth and Transformation

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Leverage Latest Technology

We leverage latest technologies to deliver relevant and scalable business solutions at a faster pace. We focus on Research and Development to build strong technological prowess.


High Quality

We deliver high quality solutions with competent staff and structured processes. We are a team of logical thinkers actively transforming the businesses using information, innovation and technology.


High Performance

We provide high performance and highly available cloud infrastructure for your business solutions. This ensures your business is running online 24x7.