Operation Center

Yasham Global Operations Center is a physical place, a secure room, where administrators can keep an eye on the client’s network, all devices connected to it, various elements of IT infrastructure, operating systems and application platforms. Our experienced engineers monitor, supervise and maintain the network and other elements of each client’s IT environment and resolve issues that may arise.

How will You Benefit from a Yasham Operations Center?

A single point of contact makes reporting issues easier and more effective than ever. Your employees do not have search for the right number for a helpdesk, but have one direct route to report any IT-related problem, get information or ask even the simplest question. Neither do they have to check different systems to track ticket status, as our engineers take control of the whole ticket lifecycle; they pick up the phone, create the ticket and resolve the issue or, if this is not possible, escalate the problem to the next support line or to a third-party (telco operator or device manufacturer). All tickets are registered in Yasham, a transparent, customized, open-source tool which is used all over the world.

Operations Center Team

Managed Data Center Services

Backup and storage management

Optimization and quality of service reporting

Antivirus scanning and remediation


What we do

At the Yasham Operations Center, we provide caring and knowledgeable support for yasham users and customers. From troubleshooting product issues to providing around-the-clock advertiser assistance, you can be part of the teams that help yasham users and customers solve problems and accomplish their goals.

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